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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time 4 Learning Review

Time 4 Learning is an online based curriculum. When I first heard about them I thought they were just a supplement curriculum. I didn't expect that it would be what I have grown to love. On their website they offer a FREE 30 Day Trial as long as you are not a member of their website already. If you are a member and want to still do a review of their site they will give you a $25 Visa gift card. So either way it's a win win situation.

My first initial thoughts about Time 4 Learning:

  • The first thing was I always thought it was something that I could use to supplement not as a full curriculum. 
  • I was also under the impression that I would have to supplement a whole lot. 
  • It was only used for younger kids for Pre-K through maybe 2nd grade. 
Here is what I found out about the site and the program. 

  • I LOVE IT!!! It surpassed my expectations more than I could imagine. My kids are actually finishing out their school year on it. 
  • My kids love it too. They ask if they can do more school work. 
  • I have to kick my kids off the computer. The 2nd week my son done the whole 2nd grade Social Studies for the year. I had to stop him and remind him that he needs to go slower, so that way he retains the information. 
  • The parent's get to pick the playground time. I have mine set on 45 minutes, because I have them do at least 45 minutes of work then they can "play" for 15 minutes. 
  • There are extra activities and "games" that they can play. 
  • You do have to print out worksheets, but we don't mind that at all. 
Being that I have starting stages of Fibromyalgia some days are hard, really hard. Hard for me just get out of bed, so having Time 4 Learning is amazing for me. I don't have to stress that maybe school won't get done today. I just tell the kiddos log on to your account and set a timer. They have 45-60 minutes in each subject. Since we are in Missouri and I have to log hours, and they have to have so many hours in a school year we do time for each subject. 

Some things I found I do supplement. Our kids love notebooking, journaling, and arts and crafts. So once a week I have them do a lapbook or a unit study. This helps take a break from the computer and it's extra practice. I also have them do a topic of the day to journal. This helps with handwriting since they aren't doing much of it with an online program, and I feel it's important even if computers are everywhere. I think kids still need to know how to write. 


  1. I know several parents that have subscriptions and love the program. It doesn't work for every family, but when it is a match, it is a great resource for families.

    1. Yes it is def not for every family, but for those that it fits is its a great option.