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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Adventures and Fun in Missouri

Back in May we had to take a trip to Missouri for my husband's passing of his grandma. It was an expected death for a long time so although there was sadness there was joy and relief. No more pain and no more suffering. 

Though we knew we would be going back to Georgia soon our kids wasted no time in enjoying the country life. Each child enjoyed it in different ways. 

Michael sat out side chased the cats, and ran like crazy. I very rarely saw them. It was like a glimpse of what life would be like in the country and you know what I loved it. It put a new passion into my heart. It made me realize that maybe I'm not that city girl that I thought I was. 

Ariah sat and played with the kittens and tried to "protect" them from her big brother. She wanted to feed them a bottle even though they were way past that stage already. She rocked them and held them. She talked more than ever. We noticed from the last visit and this one she did better. She was sociable, and talking. She expressed feelings. It made us realize maybe country life is what our whole family needs. 

Jayel well she tried to love on the kitties a little too much. We had to constantly remind her that she had to be gentle with the kittens. She seemed to love them a little too much. Her highlight however was the tows (cows). Man she loved them cows. She came running in asking if she could go play with the cows. Since she couldn't play with the cows at grandma's her Uncle Kevin let her sit on one of his cows. She loved that and thought she could always go play with the cows. 

Elijah did the bear crawl back and forth. We wanted to see how fast he could go. It was never ending with him. 

Some of the things all the kids encountered
  • Tics...ewww I know I forgot country life brought new adventures. 
  • Restful sleep from running around outside, chasing kitties and trying to play with the tows. 
  • The water tasted so much better we drank well water.
  • Our kids would remember these days for the rest of their lives. 
It was such an exciting time and we will never forget it. 


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