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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Now Open...Etsy

I was so reluctant on opening an Etsy shop. I kept thinking to myself I can never do any of this or I am not that talented. Then in a subtle voice I heard use the gifts that I have given you. You are equipped, because it all comes from me. I knew it was Yahweh (God) right then and there talking to me.

For the past 18 months I have had several people ask how I come up with my ideas, blends, lotions and creams. I tell them that it's just my knowledge of what I know works. I know what oils, and herbs are good for what ailment so I incorporate them in our bodies healing.

About a year ago my husband asked me to keep "lotions" with different healing properties on hand. I started to, but never kept up with it or just made them when we needed them. I have done this before in the past for several family members, friends, and my clients. Last week when I heard the voice I said that is more delaying. I am going to put forth my knowledge and go full force.

I opened my shop. Right now I only have a few ferments, but I am hoping to add several things for healing and natural health. These are blends that I have formulated especially for healing or ailments. I have things from cold, flu, spider bites to back spasms. I am excited to say that shop has opened. I will be adding my coconut sugar scrubs later this week.