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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Being Modest or Bringing Sexy Back

As a believer of the word and the full scriptures I believe that no biblical, Yahweh (God) fearing women should be wearing this kind of attire. The closer I find myself coming to Yahweh I find I want to be more modest. I want to be try to cover up more and more. I don't believe in completely covering up at all. I think there is a balance with all things, however hearing women say they are bringing sexy back doesn't rub me right. I firmly believe in being fit for your husband. I firmly believe if you are not then you are unable to do what Yahweh (God) has called us as women to do and that is be a wife, mother and servant.

Women should want to bring sexy back, but for our husband only. That should only be talked about in private and in the bedroom. It should not be flaunted about especially on social media, or online in any way. Especially since anyone can save the picture to their computer and use it in any way that they please.

I recently read an article called "Should Christians Wear Bikinis". At first I was nervous. I wasn't sure if it was going to fall with what I felt or believed and I didn't want to become bitter over the subject at all. With hesitance I read it and was rather happy to hear the stance. There is a still a strong divide with women though. Many of them feel it's OK to wear what they want and flaunt it. All I can do is pray that their eyes be opened to the truth. I can only hope that hearts are changed and women see that they are beautiful just the way they are.

Women don't have to wear skimpy clothes to get attention from a biblical man. You gain respect and honor from your husband by being modest, and the biblical women.


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