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Monday, May 14, 2012

Paleo WAPper

I get a lot of questions about what our diet is. It's hard for me to explain, because we do not do just one type of diet. So here it is we are a Paleo Wapper.
  • We eat primarily Paleo with grains once a week. 
  • We still eat beans as far as pinto, black, and kidney beans. (We soak them overnight for digestive health)
  • We eat grains once a week and that is very rare even then. (Some we still soak overnight)
  • We eat primarily gluten free, but not cassein free. 
  • We believe in lots of good fats to nourish our bodies. 
  • We grass fed beef for it's CLA, and higher nutrient dense foods. 
  • We do recipes from Nourishing Traditions
  • We drink raw milk, and make several recipes from it. (Benefits of Raw Milk
  • We don't eat sugar, processed foods, or artificial foods. 
  • We believe in eating a rainbow of foods. Each day we try incorporate to eat a color of the rainbow of fruit, or vegetables. 
This is our family. This is what fits. We also do Crossfit, Insanity, Elliptical, and weight training. I am considered Obese and I am doing all these things. I am losing weight, but slowly and healthy. I believe for our family this is what God wants for us, because he made these foods for us. I am finding that I am going to the store less and less. 

We don't count calories, because the body doesn't know how to count them. The body knows nutrition. 


  1. That's why we cherish freedom. For the moment you still have the right to follow the path you wish regarding your diet.

    1. I know and for right now I do cherish and will embrace it. I know that food freedom are rights are becoming less and less each day.