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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New Journey A New Day

This move has been life altering and changing in more ways than I could have imagined. I am finding a new strength in me that I seem to forget that I have. I am finding that there is a lot more I am able to handle mentally as well as physically. I am really starting to love the new me more and more each day. I love the work that Yahweh is putting in me.

I am finding that I have a new relationship with Yahshua, my husband and my kids. Desires of being the Titus women is coming back again. I feel energized and great to say I will. Being a wife and a mother is a gift. A gift to be fully embraced. It is not something to be thrown around, or left for others to do. It's something that Yahweh has allowed me to be, because he knows there will be days that are going to be hard. He knows that he can give me strength to get through each day, because he is loving and faithful to me just as much as I am faithful to him.

A new journey isn't something that can be planned. It is something that we take ourselves into. Each day is a new day to say yes I will. It can be something from as small as go to school as a child, to something as big as being a wife and mother. Not all everyone is blessed with the many blessings as we have been given, but I embrace it all. Each day I look forward to say these are gifts and I promise to treasure, love and care for them as YHWH has for me.

So from one mother to another I say embrace it. Yesterday could have been horrible. There could be paint on the walls, food stuck in hair, or worms in pockets, but one day we will look at this and say those were the good times. I have those days too. Life isn't perfect and neither am I, but Yahweh is and so is his love. His love is what gets me through each day to say Yes I will. Each day is a new day to say Yes today is the day to play a little more with the kids, makes subtle changes to make memories with your children. One day I want to look back and my kids say "My mom was amazing. She taught me everything I know, and she is the kindest, loving women I know." That is what I call wealth and blessed. 


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