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Monday, May 21, 2012

Work Out Of The Day 5/17/2012

Last night I did a short work out. Which I thought wasn't going to keep me sore. Boy was I wrong. I am so sore today. Looks like I will be eating a high protein meal now for breakfast. My circuit work out that I did was only for 25 minutes and burned close to 350 calories. I also did some strength training and cardio in that time. I did it at home and it's a testament that with a few pieces of equipment any one can.

On our weight machine I did the following:

40 lb rows 1 rep of 25
35 lb lap pull downs 1 rep 25

In between I did Wii step ups. I did a total of 500 step ups. My whole work out was 20-25 minutes. It felt really good, but sore today. 


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