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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food Freedom

The raw milk debate is getting pretty intense. I am not sure where our country is headed and our food rights are going. I wonder and pray that we don't see the day that we aren't allowed to grow our own food, raise our own cattle and have our own chickens. I know the scriptures talk about the day will come. I know that in some parts of the country it is worse than others. I just have to hold steadfast to my faith and know that Yahweh (God) will provide for us. I know that he will provide and stay faithful and I pray that I don't come under his wrath that Revelation talks about.

As of right now I pray and have a heavy heart towards so many things in our country. It saddens me to see the sheeple just walking like zombies, following orders and doing what the norm does. I pray that their eyes will be opened and they won't be deceived any more. It is heart breaking to see these things, but all I could do is pray and do my part.

So today I do have a heavy heart, and am filled with sadness. Not because I believe that they will suffer, because I surely hope they don't. I am saddened that so many people have become blind and have allowed TV, Internet, and Social Media to become their lives. 


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