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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Exchanged My $4.65 a Day Coffee to $2.50 a Day Juice

I didn't realize how much I was "wasting money" on coffee until the other day. About a month ago we sold our coffee pot and everything it entailed. I couldn't drink it because I would get back spasms and DH was having some blood pressure and heart issues. So we sold it. There was no reason to allow this kind of temptation to stare at us on our counter everyday.

Then last week I thought I want a coffee and decided to stop and get one from our local coffee shop. I got a Carmel mocha, with 3 shots of espresso and some whip cream. (It was extra for one of the shots of espresso). Total $4.75...OK so I paid and off I went. I know that's a whole lotta sugar, and caffeine. I ended up jittery and just not right. So I said I don't want that again.

The  next day as we were moving I decided to make me a juice. I am always curious on how foods work in our body, what nutrients are in them that will feed my body and if I should add more of one vegetable than another. I was curious to find out about cucumbers. I use them in all my juices. I use them instead of apples often or any other fruit. Plus one cucumber can make a whole lotta juice. I was amazed to find out that one cup of cucumber juice can give you enough energy for a good 2-3 hours. I had to put it to the test. I juiced some Kale, carrot, cabbage, 1 cup of black grapes and 2 cucumbers. Sure enough about 15 minutes later I started to get some energy back. (Just to note I was beat. I was out of my thyroid, and adrenal supplements for about 2 days now, plus we were moving all by ourselves.) Next thing I know I had the whole upstairs packed, and done with in 2 hours. The only thing I had left was our living room, and kitchen area. Wowzers maybe there is something in the juice.

I calculated how much it cost me to make one 8 ounce juice and here it is:

2 cucumbers = ..30-.50 each    
4-6 bunches of Kale = 1.00 each
2 Carrots = .15-.25 each carrot ( I pay 3.00 on average for 5lbs of carrots)
1/10th of a Green Cabbage = .16-.25 cents (I pay around 3.00 for a whole cabbage)
1 cup of Black Grapes = .15-.25 for each cup ( I usually get them for 1.98-2.25lb)

Total comes to: $2.21 to $3.00 

Not only is this cheaper, but I am feeding my body nutrients. I know with the Jack Lalanne it kills some of the nutrients and enzymes, because of the high RPM motor. One day I hope to get the Omega juicer though. This by far is the better choice for me. I don't have the jittery feeling, no high calories, no high sugar content, and I am full. Plus it's not pulling nutrients from parts of my body much like the caffeine is.

To reap even more benefits I highly recommend blending the juices together or the fruits and vegetables in a high powered blender. My recommendations are listed below.


  1. It's amazing how quickly your body starts accepting the positive changes. I don't make my own juices, but I did start watering down my juices to reduce the sugar hit. Now when I order out, I find the juices too sweet. Some day I'll get to making my own.

  2. My kids can't drink any commercial, store bought or juices any where. They think it's too sweet. It's weird to hear a kid say it. I honestly didn't think I would like juice that much, but I love it. Our whole family loves it.