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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon

For the past few weeks I was blogging about my journey on oil pulling. Some mornings I would feel like it's just not worth it. I wanted an easier fix.This is the mindset that I have had due to the doctrine that I have been told just take this pill and everything will be better for several years. Although I know that isn't the case in some instances even with my herbs, and oils I feel like I should be able to just pop a capsule or oil and everything will be better. Not perfect, but just better. The truth is it took close to 20 years for my body to get into the shape that it's in, so although oil pulling is hard on some days I plan to go back to it, because now that I haven't done it in about 2 or 3 weeks I see how much it was helping me.

Here is what I have noticed it has helped me with since I started and stopped.

  • My allergies have gotten bad again since I stopped. I was having less allergy attacks during oil pulling. 
  • I had more energy, even after I stopped oil pulling for the first week. 
  • I was able to go to sleep easier at night. 
  • I had less body aches, and pains. This is a big thing for me because I dream of days that I can wake up without pain in my neck, back, shoulders, and hips. 
  • I also had more motivation. Just to clarify you can have energy but not use the energy in the things that are needed to get done. When I was oil pulling I had energy and motivation to get done what was needed. 
  • After I had stopped oil pulling I noticed I my blood pressure was starting to go back up again. It has only happened 2 times, but that was more than enough for me to re-evaluate my diet and health. 
  • My mouth felt cleaner all the time. After oil pulling my mouth feels so clean better than any time just brushing them. 
Starting tomorrow I will be oil pulling again. I may only do it a few times a week to start, but I can clearly see the benefits of it. I am sold to oil pulling. It isn't something I would recommend for someone to do everyday, but to start off slow. Take it day by day and listen to your body. I know there have been some dispute about whether or not you should oil pull with silver fillings in your mouth, so it is best to check with a biological holistic dentist for your situation. As for me with 11 fillings (soon to be replaced safely), I have made the choice to oil pull after speaking with my dentist. 


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