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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wholesome Doctrine

A couple of years ago I was laying in bed and reading my bible. I prayed before I read my bible and the kids were in bed so I got some peace and quiet to focus on God's word. I was reading the book of Timothy and a section of chapter 6 just stuck out to me.

It said: If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which accords with godliness, (6:3)

 The word wholesome stuck out to me in a way that I never expected. The holy spirit stopped me and had me just meditate and focus on the word wholesome. So I got to thinking what does wholesome mean. OK being an advocate for natural health and healing we use the word wholesome often. Several companies, educators, and speakers talk about products being wholesome. I started to really think what it meant to be wholesome and have wholesome foods which then led me to think of the word organic. So when you think of these two words together and then it came to me.

Wholesome and Organic mean untainted. It means clean, pure and in it's natural state. When we talk about natural health the reason organic food is important is because it is in it's original state just as how we should raise our kids. God didn't give us children to compromise their bodies, and make them how man wanted them. He made them perfect in every possible way. He made them perfect in his eyes because he is perfect. We shouldn't taint with this perfection. This is as close as we get to God here on the Earth. Any Godly person wouldn't want to distance their self from God. Well it didn't end there.

As a natural health educator and advocate it went even further to my Christian faith. So spiritually what happens when we don't have wholesome words and sound doctrine. We strive. Our faith goes to new levels, we have pure joy, and fullness in our savior. So here is the tough question what happens when we don't have sound doctrine and wholesome words we fall spiritually. We have weaknesses and have a fake joy and happiness. Fake it until you make it is what we start to do. When God never said fake it until you make it he said have full trust in me and know that I am God (Psalms 3:5-:6, John 14:1, & Mathew 6:31).

A few things that happen when you feed your body with unhealthy, and unwholesome food your health gets worse and worse. God made us organic beings therefore we experience side effects when our bodies take in things that are not organic. For instance Ibuprofen or Tylenol. It is a chemical and is not organically made and this is why people have nausea, dry mouth, thirsty, and even drowsiness. These are side effects our physical body is having.For each person it's something different. Some of these health effects are headaches, migraines, pain, arthritis, colds (because you earn a cold by poor health and nutrition you don't catch a cold), sinus issues, diabetes, and even Cancer. All of these sickness and diseases are caused by poor health and nutrition. So in a spiritual sense when you have unwholesome doctrine you will have spiritual side effects. Some of these spiritual side effects can be praying but ceasing, disease, lack of faith, lack or prayer, anger, bitterness, pride, envy and strife. (1st Timothy 6:4-:6). The bible tells us to withdraw ourselves from these types of people. So just as we would withdraw ourselves from food that is not good for us like processed, and genetically modified foods we should also withdraw from those preaching unwholesome doctrine and draw ourselves to those preaching sound, clean, pure, and untainted doctrine so we don't have a spiritual disease or sickness.

Juanita Espinosa


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