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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Day You Were Born (Michael)

Dear Michael,

I have to say I knew you would be different than any kids I would ever have in the future. I never expected your birth to happen the way it did. On the day you were born I had to call in sick to work because I just couldn't get out of bed. I was in too much pain and I could barely feel my legs. I decided to run some errands and it was chilly that day. I got the food to make menudo. I went home and put it to cook. I cleaned the whole house. I even wiped out the counters, kitchen, walls and shampooed the carpets. I must have known you were coming.

I had your cousin AJ, Marissa and Theresa there playing all day. I rested on the couch and about 2pm I started to keep track of the contractions. I had been getting them off and on all day but now they were getting closer. By 6pm your grandma and Pampo were at the house and helping me keep track. Good thing we lived next door to your Auntie Adella so that way she could help me. About 10pm we decided it was baby time and to go to the hospital. They checked me in and put me up in a room. I had all of my sisters and nieces and nephews at the time waiting in the waiting room. Around 2:30am you blessed us with your presence.

The nurses put a pink bracelet on Alissa that said Big Sister. She was so happy and proud to see you and hold you. From that day on our lives changed only for the better. You made me become a better person. You showed me how much life can change with in a split second. For the following years I knew God had a plan and you were perfect in his timing and not my own.

You are my handsome man today, tomorrow and forever.

Love Mama


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