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Friday, December 1, 2006

The Day You Were Born (Ariah)

Dear Ariah,

My sweet little princess you are finally here. You were almost two weeks late according to the doctors dates. You were perfect just like I imagined. Daddy was deployed in Iraq, but Grandma Bonnie, Michael and Alissa were there to welcome you into this world. I had so many mixed emotions because I was over joyed that our princess was finally here, but saddened that daddy couldn't share the moment with us.

It was a cool winter month. I remember as I was walking up to the hospital I was getting chilled having to stop every few steps because of another contraction. We got in and they admitted me to the hospital. Little by little the pain got worse. Daddy called right before we left to the hospital. He was so excited that you would be here. By 7:30 AM you had arrived. My gorgeous little girl.

My first thought was she has daddy's nose and you still do. No hair and big beautiful birth mark smack dab in the middle of the forehead. You must of being quite crunched inside of mommy's tummy because you came out with the legs crossed and expanded your arms and legs. You seemed to be relieved. They put you in my arms and put daddy on the phone right away. I joked with the nurses that I needed the number they called to get a hold of him because I always had to wait for him to call.

Daddy and I knew from that day on you would always be our little princess. Today you seem to be more of a cowgirl princess but still have the fighting attitude and our love only grows more.


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