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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Need For Greed

I probably shouldn't be writing this but it is something that has really been getting to me the past 2 months. For the past 2 years the only time an "old friend" wants to reconnect is for 4 reasons which are they started an organization, business, ministry or they want to correct my spiritual faith and beliefs. I love reconnecting with friends and have the opportunity to see pictures of their families. We are military and never in one place long enough to say our kids will grow up together. I understand we all have lives and are busy. I too am quite busy. I have 5 kids, military spouse, and home school them all. Plus I make all of our food at home from scratch and do natural health consults. So I get the whole I have a life thing so do I, but it really irks me the wrong way when I haven't even heard from someone unless they think they will gain something like money or my business.

In the past 6 months I have gotten several emails, and message from friends in past churches, and cities we have lived in. One actually asked how me and my husband were doing. At first I thought wow this is so nice Kasey and I haven't talked to them in so long. Then not even 5 minutes into the chat they start telling me about a new ministry and if I would like to bless his ministry...Whoa wait I thought you were genuinely concerned about us. Now you are asking for money from us. I had mentioned that I would let my husband know about the ministry. (He is the head not me). He said yeah and where are you guys at now. I said Missouri and this person began asking when he commissions as an officer. It immediately got me thinking has he not seen any of my posts for the past year and a half, or my pictures. My husband commissioned to be an officer over a year ago.

It saddened me. As I spoke to Kasey later that night and informed him about our chat. He was very displeased. How can someone that you have bent over backwards for do that to you? I am always thinking about being content with what we are given (Hebrews 13:5). Where did this whole selfish thing come into play. I am finding more and more that I am not liking selfish people. Maybe it's because I would give a widowed mom my last bit of food to feed her kids. Maybe it's because I would house a girl that is pregnant or in a domestic violence situation. When did this need for greed come about? Maybe it's because I wasn't raised this way. Maybe it's because we don't instill these things into our kids. We very rarely have cupboards stocked up with food, but I do always have a house full of joyful kids. Not just my own but the neighbors, my nieces and nephews and our friends.

I guess for now I won't understand since I want to be the simple country gal and live off of our own land. So today I say show the people you love them, hug your sons and daughters and instead of sending me or your friends messages about your new ministry, business, or organization bless someone by paying it forward. Buy a bag of groceries for a family.



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