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Friday, January 6, 2012

MIA (Missing in Action)

I have not been online much and have recently decided to deactivate my FB account. There were several things that didn't settle well with me and my family. We have made some major family changes and decisions that I am sure our kids feel out of the norm with. I quote my daughter when we told her she would be home schooled starting this week "I just want to be a normal child and go to school".

After sitting her and our other little blessings down to explain to them that we are not the norm and we never will be, but the set apart. Living a life and following Torah isn't easy and is a lot harder than when I was in a Christian congregation. At least in the Christian congregation my kids had some other like minded friends. Being with our faith and beliefs it comes so far and few that it's hard on them and me too, but we have to keep strong and our faith to know it's about pleasing Yahweh.

The past almost 2 months I have realized how much stress I was under with Facebook, and being online. I almost made the choice to delete even this blog, but went over the posts that I didn't feel were uplifting to Yahweh or Yahushua and deleted them. (Don't worry it was only about 4 or 5 posts).

I am excited to say that I can blog and put my thoughts out there even if no one does read them. LOL. I will try to blog at least once a month about our  lives, what we are learning and teaching our kids. Life with our blessings is constant, hard, difficult, emotional but most of all rewarding. I love each day with them and they teach me so much more than I teach them. Watching them care for each other gives me hope that if Yahweh chooses to take me before I am ready I know they will mend together and stand strong. They will encourage each other in any way possible. Their relationships with each other give me hope and pleasure that I am doing what I can to make sure they are growing up the way Yahweh wants them to be raised.



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