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Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Snowfall

The anticipation has been coming more and more each day. We have been eagerly awaiting our first real snowfall. We had flurries here and there maybe once or twice but nothing like today. Waking up to a little bit of snow only builds the anticipation of when my husband can retire and we can live in the mountains the way Yahweh wants us to live. We don't believe Yahweh ever intended us to live under this control, slavery, and bondage of "work".

So today me and the kids had a lighter load of school work we will call it early release due to the ice, snow and cold temperatures. Then we made mini pie tarts out of different butters I had made earlier in the fall. We mixed our cinnamon apple butter, pecan butter and pumpkin butter. We made a pie crust and filled them with some pecans. My husband has been asking me to make some and finally was well enough to do it. I have to say it builds the dream of living in the mountains only so much more. The kids loved the snow but only wanted to be out there for a short time as the our dogs played in the snow it was all worth the wait.

I know the snow we will be getting in Colorado will be so much more but with retirement us living off our land with my sisters and family only feet away is exciting to think about. The time will come in Yahweh's timing and not ours, but it is nice to think about how it will be.

So the kids enjoyed it and so did I. As our pot roast cooks with potatoes, carrots, corn, onions and seasonings. I am going to enjoy this glorious day that he has given us. There is no beauty greater than what Yahweh has given us with his seasons, hills, mountains, and trees. No matter how hard man tried the beauty of the snow falling, and the trees covered with a white sheet can never be replaced or reproduced.

Juanita E.


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