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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Lesson In Goals

Since our kids are still learning about setting goals. We wanted to emphasize on goals that were attainable, reachable, but needed some hard work at the same time. I only did the assignment with the 4 older kids. So I sat them all down in a circle and made a word document of the assignment. I had one large rectangle that read "2012 Goals" and below that it had said "My 2012 Goals are...". I then inserted 3 circles and had them either write a short sentence or draw a picture of what they wanted their goals to be.

Before I gave them their paper I asked them to explain to me what a goal is. Ariah so eager to answer anything said "It's something very special". Of course she was write a goal is something very special and so I encouraged her that she answered with a good answer. Michael didn't want to answer and Alissa explained to the others what a goal was while I elaborated on it. I explained that a goal can be something you want to do by a certain time frame. It didn't have to be a big goal or like some one else, but your own. I explained it could be a new skill, or achieve a new level on their favorite game. So a few things they came up with was....


  • Learn to ride a bike without training wheels. 
  • Learn to read. 
  • Write her name better. 
  • Learn to read better and every night. 
  • Learn cursive. 
  • Be a better listener to mommy and daddy. 
  • Be a better reader. 
  • Write cursive better. 
  • To learn to cook more things. 
I loved how creative all the kids got and worked together. We then glued them on a poster board and hung them up in our classroom. The kids were all so eager to show daddy when he came home. They couldn't wait and they were proud to show him their goals. My goal is to keep it visible and help them to work at each goal. I have to say this was an amazing accomplishment of them all. I am very proud of how well they worked. We did let Jayel in on it too, but she just colored and cut up the circles. She will be more actively involved I think as the months go on. 

Juanita E. 


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