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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back To Gluten Free

For the past couple of months money has been tight and although Yahweh has provided it's still been difficult.

First I would like to give a quick background on our precious 5 year old Ariah. When she was about 3 years old she started to regress backwards. She stopped talking, she did arm flapping, yelled at us but without any words, stopped going to the bathroom when she had been potty trained for 6 plus months, full blown tantrums, anxiety and leg pains at night. I have studied so much into the health field that I can recognize health issues by symptoms. I don't need blood tests or xrays most of the time. So the first thought that came to mind was Autism. I thought but how could this be she is pretty much vaccine free with the exception of the Vitamin K and  Hep B at birth. I kept thinking there is no way that could have done it. Then I started to think about my silver fillings. Wondering if they could have contributed and could have caused it. So instead of trying to find out why or how it happened my focus was to just focus on what to do next.

Now DH was in training in Fort Benning and we were there with him but with him spending week after week in the field and not being able to come home until Saturday morning and then back out Sunday evening I couldn't ask him to help much. I had a new baby and a 18 month old daughter on top of my older 2 kids. So to help my mom came and stayed with us. It was only for about 2 maybe 3 months but it really helped a lot. She was able to tend to the other kids while I was able to work with Ariah one on one. So after doing some tests by seeing if she was just sensitive when aware or truly didn't want to be touched at all we concluded that we needed to remove gluten from her diet for 2 reasons. One was if she was on the Autism spectrum this is one of the first things the doctor is going to tell us to do. 2 if she wasn't on it then we needed to remove it see if she had some kind of sensitivity to it. With in a week after removing it she started to regress. With in a couple of months she was talking again, going the bathroom on her own and the tantrums got less and less. She was signing to me again as well. Now fast forward to a couple of months ago.

I had gotten really sick after Thanksgiving in November. My DH had to take over the cooking in the house and snacks since some days I couldn't even get out of bed. So he did what he could and what was easiest. PB and jelly sandwiches on store bought bread, pasta, lots of spaghetti etc. This resulted in extreme leg pains for my precious baby and major emotional roller coaster for all of the kids. So as of this past week DH said I don't care about easy and convenience any more we are going back to Paleo and being gluten free. I was really happy.

So no more wheat for us in this house. We have also chose to eliminate several grains as well to see how we do without them. So bye bye oatmeal, corn, and rice.



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