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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Learning The Importance of Measurments

Our oldest daughter Alissa is starting to cook and experiment a bit. I love that she is so encouraged and excited about cooking. It's not boxed foods neither she loves making cinnamon rolls from scratch, but it's things like home made cookies, pies, and soups. So as part of her school work we wanted to give her a blog. The blog is going to be focused on pre-teens/teens her age hoping to inspire other kids to eat healthy and make healthier decisions. I have decided this would be part of her English, writing, and home economics curriculum. She is to do at least one post a week. Take pictures and reply to comments etc.

Last night she was trying her first recipe that she came up with (with one small suggestion from me). So I printed out the recipe and she started going to town. She preheated her oven, had all the ingredients out and just started mixing it just like the directions said. She baked them and they came out like little cookie bites. She took a bite and uh oh she got a salty bite. I asked her how much salt she put in she said what the directions said. I asked her exactly how much she put in she said 1/8 cup of salt. I had her go get me the recipe I printed out. It turns out she was supposed to put 1/8 teaspoon of salt. So lesson learned measurements are very, very important when cooking.

We all got a good laugh out of it and I told her that she could try again today. I am sure she will be more cautious in the future about measurements.


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