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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bible Reconstruction

A few years ago I came up with something called "Bible Reconstruction". It wasn't something fancy or complex at all. Our now 11 year old was only about 4 years ago so she was about 7 years old. We were coming home from a fellowship and she had started talking back to me and my husband and this was something that was kind of escalating over a few months. On this particular day she was really being rude, nasty and just not of a peaceful spirit.

At first my DH said you are going to go to your room when you get home. When we got home she was happy to go there. Like she could "get away" from us when it was typically our day of family time. The Holy Spirit then led me to have her do something else. Instead of giving her what she wanted by spending time in her room by herself I told her she was going to have to do some writing exercises. (She was being home schooled at the time so she assumed something from her school work, however this wasn't the case).

I had her sit at her work area with a paper, and pencil. I opened the bible up to Deuteronomy 27:16 and I had her copy the verse 10 times. This was a short verse, but for longer verses I only make them do it maybe 5 times or 3 times. I try to find the shorter verses though when I incorporate this in their punishment. After they are done they also have to explain to me why from a biblical aspect it was wrong.

Here are my reasons for choosing this as part of their discipline.

  • It shows them from a biblical point what they are doing wrong. 
  • It shows that I too follow through with Yahweh's word and The Scriptures. 
  • It also shows that sometimes it isn't easy being obedient to the Scriptures and it's hard but we do it because it is commanded by Yahweh and his word. 
We have noticed a huge difference that this alone has had on our blessings from Yahweh. They do get upset if we ground them or make them do extra chores, but now I will gently remind my older two if we need to do some bible reconstruction and their response is no ma'am or no sir. They do what we ask, because it's always in their mind that mommy and daddy are doing what The Scriptures tell us to do. 


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