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Monday, February 13, 2012

Got Milk

Today I am not only sad, but angered by a headline that I read online. The Washington Times read "Feds Shut Down Amish Farm For Selling Fresh Milk". Here is why I am upset about the situation and I am speaking out about it.

The first thing is the customers that were buying the milk were going to Rainbow Acres directly to get the raw milk. The farmer was not telling anyone or forcing anyone to buy their milk. One person gets sick from raw milk and they are told not to ever drink it again because of the bacteria in it. Yet we are told to continue to buy meat even though it is filled with bacteria and has caused several hundreds death a year due to E Coli poisoning. To me this is completely insane and backwards.

I do understand what Mr. Allgyers did and the charges that are he was charged for. I don't sympathize with him on that choice, but he was only trying to help others. What I am not happy about is how the FDA has chosen to go about it. I am little confused on when and why our food rights are being take over. When will it stop? I don't like being angry or keep bitterness inside but this is outrageous.

Everyday you and me and reading about rights being taken away and controlling our food system more and more. They already fully control the public schools, food and what is fed to them. (One of the many reasons we home school). Last summer and the year about there was an article about a women that got put in jail for 93 days for growing her own vegetables. You can see the article HERE.

It's only a matter of time before we aren't able to read our bible or speak freely about the word of Yahweh. truly hope that more people are aware and take a stance. If you believe that raw milk is good for your family I see drink up. If you believe that store bought is the best for your family I say; Do some research, but don't take my right away to eat what I please.

Forget that name brand products are putting such toxic chemicals in our food, that people are dying from. Instead they are more concerned with an Amish farmer that makes his living by selling his stock, fruits, vegetables, and doing labor around his town.

The point is our rights are being taken especially our food rights. We deserve to at least be able to eat what we want. Even if it means growing our own food, raising our own cattle, and having our own chickens. If that is what we want and we have the land to provide for it I feel strongly that it should be allowed.

If you are interested in taking a stance or want to know more about the benefits and uses of raw milk you can visit their website at

Juanita E. 


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