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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Child My Choice

After reading the article on how a girls lunch was taken away and she was given pink poisoned chicken nuggets instead really enraged me. I understand that the schools are trying to do their best with their school lunches, but if I or anyone else that sends their kids to a public school chooses to send their child with a lunch they should be able to eat that lunch.

This is one of the reasons I pulled my daughter home. I was tired of them "taking" or telling her she couldn't have her food. One instance that really sticks in my mind is I sent a turkey sandwich, with cucumber and carrots on the side. I also enclosed a small thing of ranch and a mango cut up. She came home telling me how the school told her she couldn't eat the mango because someone in the lunch room was allergic to it. She didn't even know who or anything. I have taught my daughter to always mind your elders and respect them so she didn't eat it.

This continued on about how little by little she couldn't take the paleo brownies because it had walnuts, then almonds, then eggs. She wasn't allowed to take hard boiled eggs neither. After other school related concerns we chose to bring her back home. She had been home schooled before so it would be fine.

I don't understand where the schools feel they have any right to tell us parents what to feed our kids when we are paying for it ourselves. Frankly if I want to send my kids with junk crap processed food I will and if I want to send my kids with a veggie feast I will. They are my kids and the more that we allow them to decide for us what is best the worse it's going to get.

People ask me all the time why we home school and I tell them because I want to ensure that they get a full education, and understand completely what health and wellness means. There is no way in H E double hockey sticks I would allow my kids to go back to the public schools again. I have 5 kids and some days its challenging to home school, work, and do housework, but I wouldn't change it for the life of me. I think more parents need to stand up to the schools and if they don't agree with what is going on say something or home school them. Eventually the schools will lose more and more money and then we will all be responsible for our child's education.

I truly hope anyone doesn't feel this school was in the right because I know what type of stuff they serve in the schools and is by far not healthy at all.

To view the complete article on this matter click HERE  


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