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Friday, February 24, 2012

Loving The Juice

A couple of days ago we got our juicer. I wanted one and wasn't sure how I was going to do with it, so we chose to get the Jack LaLanne juicer only because if only used it sometimes at least it wouldn't be a huge amount of money spent into it like 300-400 dollars. Plus I wanted my kids to enjoy it too. We do now plan on getting one of the more advanced models for juicing and possibly leaving our Jack LaLanne in the car for when we travel. (Yes we love it that much). Since Tuesday afternoon I have eaten a total of 4 meals the rest of my meals have been juiced. I thought I would have food cravings, or want other foods but I don't. I guess it's because I am getting so many nutrients with my juiced fruits and vegetables that it's not needed. I also feel better. I get energy from the juices and I don't feel tried after eating. It just shows eat real live foods and you will feel alive. Eat dead foods and you will just want to sleep.

On a side note I would like to say that I think that juicing is really the best thing for me right now. Based off of my tests from the dentists my mercury fillings are seeping out high amounts of mercury and mostly due to me chewing and eating foods. I have to still eat but since I am juicing now I don't have to chew as much and less mercury is being expelled into my body. I feel more at ease knowing that than anything else.

The best thing of all is I have my meat eating husband asking for juice for breakfast, and lunch. We really only eat dinner now and maybe a snack every now and then, but we are loving the juice. 


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