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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I asked a dear friend of mine to be a contributor to my blog on this subject. Here is her post and if you want to find out more about her please visit her BLOG.

This month was a trial for me. I am usually an outspoken person on anything that contradicts my belief system at all and cancer is one of my most heated debates in that area. So I watched this Fall with dismay the annual campaign of the “Run For the Cure” by the Susan G Komen organization and tried to think of a way to make some sense of this phenomenon.


I know you are asking; what's the problem? I mean aren't these good people really trying to help our women with the deadly disease of breast cancer? Aren't they fighting the good fight for all people with disease that racks the body with pain and disfigurement? Aren't they trying desperately to fix a horrible problem of a rampant disease in this an other countries?

Well frankly no. NO they aren't healing, NO they aren't curing and NO they aren't helping people.
I know these comments will upset; even infuriate others with my comments but I've set back too long and watched the parade of pink ribbons strung across our nation; from shoes to shirts, from bumper stickers to flags. This is a hoax and I mean to show others about this problem.

The Susan G Komen foundation was founded when the sister of Susan Goodman Komen; Nancy Goodman Brinker started this organization in memory of her late sister. Susan had died in 1980 of breast cancer and with that devastation; a promise to her dying sister to find a cure.

So the organization hit the media and today is a multi billion dollar business. Yet the incidence of cancer is higher than ever with stats showing that cancer has actually increased from every year from 1975 to 2008 of invasive breast cancer. These stats are common knowledge with every physician in our country being completely aware of this!

So I ask. How does a multi-billion dollar business look itself in the eyes and say they're helping people? I imagine they're probably soothing themselves with the idea that some hidden issue is the real culprit; only waiting to be found by their top notch organization with millions done on research. I think they wish that others believe this as well and that they really don't want people to know the true issue and that is this. Chemo doesn't cure! Radiation doesn't heal! Breast mammograms can actually CAUSE cancer! These facts are well known by the medical community and yet millions of women do these things in the vain hope that they can prevent or stave off the cancerous cells another month; another year. All the while the organization is raking in billions of dollars; it's organization heads living very well off these monies while they garner fame and fortune; all on the backs and pocketbooks of good, well meaning people donating to this “worthy” cause.

Here are some facts to consider.
In 2010 the organization payed out $44,874,086 in salaries. This includes research, fund raising and the Race for the Cure program among other things. This is supposed to be a non profit organization yet there seem to be many people who make quite a bit of money from this group.

The organization managed to make $301,328,691 in donations last year but contributed millions to Planned Parenthood for their use in early detection. The problem I have with this is that mammograms are well known to cause cancer. Radiation causes cancer; everyone knows this; and a sensitive organ like the breast is extremely susceptible to the effects of radiation and yet they insist it's perfectly safe. All the while there are millions upon millions of incidences of cancer in the breast; do you not think this might be a problem? The United States Preventive Services Task Force released a recommendation of NO early mammograms before 40 yrs of age because it takes at least 10 years before radiation based cancer makes its appearance.

And although the organization swears the monies released to Planned Parenthood are not for abortion purposes; basically allows other monies for those same abortions; which DO cause more incidences of cancer.

So the facts support that basically no one has gotten any farther in the quest for the cure for cancer in traditional medicine. In fact a well known study showed that a large percentage of oncologists would refuse traditional therapy if given the diagnosis of cancer!

So what remains? How do we actually combat this terrible disease? There are ways to heal the body. Many are simple and many are easy. The fact is; we are going the wrong way toward health and one of the quickest ways to be unhealthy is to follow the doctors advice in treating this illness and many others. Diet, lifestyle changes are huge in helping the body to overcome illness of any kind. Medicines are for the most part poisons; poisons designed to “kill” the bad cells. This is not effective as it also kills good cells as well; and lowers the body's resistance to other diseases; a well known secondary cause of death in cancer therapy patients.

So how to approach this problem? How do you find a cure for your cancer?

I would start by evaluating your lifestyle. Do you drink? Smoke? Do you eat greasy, fast food? Do you address stress? Are you on medication for illness? Are you overweight? These are all precipitating factors in health issues of all kinds including cancer.

Lastly; I do suggest listening to a higher my case that would be God. HE is my inspiration; not traditional medicine in healing and HE will heal me; through my work with alternative therapies. God bless and may God keep you all well.
Susan G Komen Audit 


  1. AMEN~ I so thank you for this post. I agree with you! THanks.