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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Living The Life

In the military we as the wife and couples are to attend these according to the military. Basically they put us in a room and teach us. Many of these classes are done right before a deployment, after a deployment or during training sessions when our husbands are getting ready to leave some where. I have to admit many of these classes or briefings are beneficial. This one just stuck out me and we missed half of and I am actually thankful we did. I know with my husband's rank and his job I am supposed to set the example as his wife, but this I just can't do it. 

Here was their focus. Save money, put it in a mutual fund, or TSP which is a savings plan through the military. Retire in the military, and then get another job and retire from that one and live life. Their examples of living life was having a couple million in the bank, owning one at least house paid off and a vacation rental. Another example they gave was having boats and this huge amounts of emergency savings. Now don't get me wrong I am all about saving money for emergencies and saving for the future, but that's not mine nor my husband's idea of living the life. 

The world is getting worse and worse. Crime rates are going up not down and it doesn't take a scholar to figure that one out. I look around and think I don't want my kids to be involved in so much sin and crime in this hurtful world. I thought I don't want my kids to think that material things mean happiness. Having these "things" mean nothing but personal pleasure. 1st Timothy 6:7 says for we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. (KJV). I understand that not everyone believes like we do, but for us that isn't living the life. 

Living the life would look something like this...

We would have our own cows for meat and dairy and it would look something like this...

Our food supply would look something like this...

And This....

We would partake in things like puzzles, and board games. 

Our kids would be an expert at Spades and tilling a garden. To me that is 
what living the life is about. It's not about going to see these exotic places, 
or having the newest car or technology. It's about sharing the love with my
 family. Teaching my kids how to live without having to just survive. 
Becoming independent without help and to me that is leaving a legacy
 for my kids. That is leaving them with an inheritance. 



  1. I agree with you. Living he life means taking time to enjoy life. It means slowing down enough to get to know your family members and seeing the beauty in God's creation. It means fresh air, home made meals, hugs, blue skies and butterflies!

  2. After spending some time in the country with my husband's family it really does show you how amazing living the simple life really can be. This is what I want to instill into my children.