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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

This is one my most fond memories so far in Missouri. Taking my babies to the pumpkin patch myself. We went with our neighbors and their children. It was so much fun. I have never gotten the chance to really experience the pumpkin patch. So this was a lot of fun.

The pumpkin patch that we went to is called Happy Hollows . They had a small petting zoo, games and activities for the kids to partake in. I have to say this was the first time we have went as a family to the pumpkin patch and I plan to make it a yearly trip.

Some things we learned on our trip to the pumpkin patch:

  • Pumpkins are red(ish) according to Jayel. We clarified several times but with the sun shining bright she was so sure they were red. 
  • Turkey's do not like to be chased and oddly enough they run towards the person that is deadly afraid of them (me). Yes I have a bird fear. 
  • Pony's are itty bitty horses according to Ariah. 
  • Hay can be soft when there is a big mat underneath it all. 
  • Pumpkins (even the sugar ones) are not the best to bowl with. 
  • Goats will eat anything you put towards their mouth. 
  • Big Big pumpkins are weally weally (really, really) heavy. 
I have to say never a dull moment with our blessings. Someone is always doing something or saying something to make us laugh. These pictures don't even show half the fun we had but hopefully you will be able to see their joy, laughter and the fun we had. 
Trying to decide when to JUMP!!! 
Trying to get the courage to go down.


Feeding the Goats. 
He was telling me that was the goat's eye. 
Michael's Pumpkin 

She found her a weally, weally big one.
Getting ready to Bowl!!!

Love to hear from you. 


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