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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Treating Ear Infections With Garlic Oil

It is getting that time again..cold and flu season. The weather is getting cooler and the sun isn't out as much as it is in the Summer. One of my most favorite treatments is garlic oil.

I don't keep it made because it can go rancid and then you can't use it. I feel like that is a waste. It usually only takes about 3-4 minutes to make it. So I feel that you don't have to keep it readily available. You can if you know your child is starting to get something, by doubling the the amounts to have some on hand for the week if you like though.

What you will need is:

  • Fresh Garlic Cloves (1 clove for each tablespoon)
  • 4-6 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • A pan 
  • A Cleaver knife
Steps to make it happen:
  1. Take the garlic cloves, and the cleaver knife and hit it to pop the garlic open. 
  2. Turn the pan on medium.
  3. Once the pan starts to heat up put the oil and the garlic in. Let it simmer with each other for about 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Take out and let it start to cool. 
  5. Put the garlic oil in each ear when the garlic oil is lukewarm. 
  6. Repeat every hours to two hours. 
In babies most of the time fevers are caused from an ear infection. The baby may or may not pull at the ear. The fever usually starts even before the pain from the ear infection. 

Another observation that was made by us and was confirmed by our ND's is many times with congestion the child will get an ear infection. Most of the time kids won't show signs of one but may have some discharge a few days later. So with congestion and runny noses in our home out comes the garlic oil. 

Here are my reasons for using it over other things:
  • The warmth from the garlic oils helps soothe the pain. 
  • The garlic oil is a "natural antibiotic". 
  • Making it yourself you don't have to worry about the "odor controlled". (This removes the antibiotic properties)
  • You can control the amount of garlic and olive oil that is put in. 
  • It is cheaper than most things and you can use it for other ailments, and to cook with as well. 


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